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Why book direct?

Book direct with our Dandy Staycation and receive a £50 credit for food & beverage.

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Meet the Team

Welcome to the different personalities that make up The Mayfair Townhouse. We are individual, just like the home in which we are based. And we bring a unique sense of style and our own personal charm to masterfully create the team at The Townhouse.

Paul Rafferty

General Manager

Having been with us since the very start of our journey, Paul certainly knows how to bring the unexpected to Mayfair. Originally from Australia, we’d say Paul has probably become the most British Aussie in London. With his innovative style, he has helped make The Townhouse redefine what it means to be a London Hotel. “Being able to work in the heart of Mayfair, overlooking famous locations like Green Park, is so inspiring, and in a property which is so wonderfully imaginative.” You may often see Paul with Mr. Darcy…

Hubert Losguardi at The Mayfair Townhouse

Hubert Losguardi

Director of Sales & Marketing

Half French, half Lebanese and having lived 16 years everywhere from the Nordic to the Caribbean, Hubert has been inspired by his father’s love of good food and people. His hospitality career began at age 14, becoming a trained chef turned Sales & Marketing extraordinaire. Favourite drink? Negroni. “Don’t forget the Plymouth Gin” he says.

Anna Starnowska

Hotel Operations Manager

A true globetrotter at heart, Anna finds herself living in her 5th country – collecting experiences as she’s navigated her way around the world, before settling in UK and more importantly The Mayfair Townhouse. As Hotel Operations Manager, Anna ensures that we deliver the unexpected, day-in-day-out! With a love for impressionism art and fine wine, The Mayfair Townhouse is arguably the perfect place for Anna to call ‘home’.

Riyas Kallan

Golden Keys, Head Concierge

Our Head Concierge, Riyas Kallan, proudly bears the crossed golden keys of Les Clefs d'Or on his lapel - an emblem of his membership within this elite international association of hotel concierge. 

With his undeniably infectious personality, Riyas leads our Dandy concierge team with pride and vigour, and is our very own Golden Key to the city. So, whether you're seeking an exclusive dinner reservation or access to an unmissable London hotspot, Riyas and the team are your go-to for all things Townhouse, Mayfair and beyond. 

Mr. Darcy

Townhouse Su-paw-star

Recently promoted to Townhouse Su-paw-star, dapper pup Mr. Darcy has certainly become a well-known figure in the heart of Mayfair. From doorman to receptionist, model and all things debonair, our paws-on pal is sure to give The Townhouse an additional touch of magic. P.S, if you want to be his favourite guest, he’s partial to a treat on your arrival, trust us, we’re paws-itive!