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Why book direct?

Book direct with our Dandy Staycation and receive a £50 credit for food & beverage.

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About us website page illustration for The Mayfair Townhouse

Anything but traditional

The Lower Ground seating area at The Mayfair Townhouse in London
Glass of prosecco and snacks at The Dandy Bar at The Mayfair Townhouse

Eat & Meet

We are anything but traditional. That’s why we’ve created a place to work, connect, and engage with the personalities of the time. A place for the luxury nomad. Take in the whimsical characters on the walls, have a meeting of the minds, sip on theatrical cocktails, or enjoy a British breakfast in a convivial locale. The aptly named Dandy Bar belongs to those who want to see and be seen, while The Lower Ground in The Townhouse is a vibrant space to eat and meet. Beyond these walls, a private den awaits instilling a feeling of belonging to the residences’ owner: a versatile oasis for private dining or an elegant gathering place

Cocktails for the Curious

Serving the unexpected.
Telling fascinating narratives
through expressive cocktails.
Indulge your curiosity.

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